Clue error in 12 Jan 2009 NYT Premium puzzle
  • Hey Daniel, the clue for 46 Across in the NYTimes puzzle for today reads “Risqu?”. I think it's supposed to be “Risqué” ( and going to the site proves me correct). Probably some strange HTML/Unicode parsing error. Thought you'd want to know.
  • Thanks. When this has come up in the past, it's because they're encoding it wrong as you suggest. I'll take a look.

  • I confirmed that the same puzzle causes trouble in Across Lite, which is the definitive "reader" for these puzzles. So I am going to count that as a bug in the puzzle itself and not something Black Ink should be concerned with.

    Thanks again for bringing it to my attention,
  • If anyone cares, in Unicode, they encoded it #381 [017D], capital z with caron, instead of #233 [00E9], lower case e with acute accent. Not sure what that would be in UTF8.
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