serendipity (s9y)
  • How can I use MarsEdit with Serendipity. Its a realy cool blogging software with a lot of features.
    When I try to configure it, I get the message "couldn't read posts" and after this MarsEdit crashes...

    See screenshot:

  • I haven't looked at Serendipity yet. Can you do me a favor and open the "RPC Console" window, and send me the contents? Feel free to xxx out the personal details, I just want to see what the interaction between MarsEdit and the server looks like.

    You can mail it to support at Thanks!

    The "Crashing on Blog Failure" thing is something I think I have ironed out for the next update.

  • Also - this page:

    Suggests that it might work better if you choose "Moveable Type" as the software type. Can you try that and let me know if it helps?

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