Configure for SharePoint 2010
  • Has anyone had any success connecting MarsEdit to SharePoint 2010 for blogging? If so, are there instructions posted for the "API Endpoint URL"?
  • Hi there - I believe the SharePoint API format is like this:


    Does that make any sense at all for your site's typical URL formats? (You'd replace the {sharepointsite} with your base url for the site).

  • Thanks Daniel. Does MarsEdit support NTLM? It's failing to connect with my user-name password.
  • This thread has moved into private email, but to anybody who finds this thread and is interested:

    MarsEdit doesn't support NTLM, so it seems necessary to make sure that you offer access through standard HTTP authentication.

    We're still working out some details but I think the primary problem for this thread is based on the use of NTLM authentication in the blog server.
  • We were able to get MarsEdit to work by configuring SharePoint 2007 for Basic Auth. It's a short-term fix until MarsEdit provides the preferred ability to connect via NTLM.
  • Hi Daniel,

    I was wondering if there was a possibility of NTLM support coming to MarsEdit anytime soon? I realise that this is a feature that would be low on your to do list, but I thought I'd ask nonetheless.

  • Hi Diego - I'm sorry but NTLM has not been a high enough priority for me to implement support in MarsEdit.

    Thanks for checking, and thanks for your reasonable expectations about the priority of such support :)

  • Do you have more information on how to set up MarsEdit with Sharepoint? I think I have it set up... I set the Homepage URL to the URL in the web browser when I look at the blog. In Settings, I set System Name to
  • Ugh, sorry about this, my forum software is suddenly acting up and cutting the ends of messages off. I may have missed something important about your question.

    I haven't done a lot of testing with Sharepoint. But I can probably help debug what's going wrong. The best bet is to email me so I can follow through with your specific situation and make sure it gets resolved.
  • I realize this thread is almost a year old, but I wondered if there was any update or any plans yet on enabling NTLM support? I have a hosted SharePoint blog that uses NTLM so I don't have the option to switch it to Forms/Claims based authentication. Just hoping to find software for the mac to publish to my blog.

  • Hi Ben - I'm sorry I don't have better news for you. As far as I can tell the number of folks who are looking for NTLM support from a Mac client is very low so it hasn't become a high priority for me. Ideally I would like to support all possible blog systems but unfortunately since my time is limited I have to pick and choose to support the more common configurations first.
  • I think I'm stuck with the same dilemma. We use SharePoint as our blog system at work and MarsEdit seems to be the most recommended blog app for OSX. I keep getting stuck at the "enter login" stage so I'm assuming it's an NTLM vs Basic Auth issue. Daniel - what sort of bounty would you be looking for to add NTLM support, if any?
  • Hi beerygaz - unfortunately it's not a question of bounty. It's a question of how common this problem is to potential MarsEdit customers. As I understand it, even Windows Live Writer on Windows doesn't support NTLM, so I think this is situation where SharePoint is taking the stance that they don't care to be very accessible by blog-editing applications.

    Out of curiosity, are you able to connect to your blog from Windows Live Writer?
  • Hi Daniel,
    Not sure if it makes a difference, but add my vote for a way to easily connect to Sharepoint. I'm trying out MarsEdit as kind of middleware right now, and then copying and pasting the generated HTML into SP's "Create a Post" form, but would love to have a workflow managed from a single application.
  • Thanks, gazzer. As I said I think there are unfortunately not many folks who this affects, and the amount of work it would take to address is pretty large. But this thread should be a great place for people to chime in if they are wishing MarsEdit would work around some of the issues currently making Sharepoint integration hard.
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