Thumbnails Linking to Full Size Image (Blogger)
  • I've been looking through the forums and this seems to be a feature that people really want and I was wondering if this is being added anytime soon?

    I update an art blog and the full size image is needed to show details.. Is there a workaround for this? I been tryin to figure it out but I have had no luck at all.. Maybe a macro? or some type of Javascript that automatically resizes the full image and creates a thumbnail linking to the full image? This is the only problem I'm having with MarsEdit.. other then that its great software
  • Hi - there isn't really any way to do this smoothly without resizing and uploading two separate sized images with MarsEdit. I realize this is awkward, and I think some kind of built-in "thumbnails and images" feature would be a great addition to MarsEdit.

    Sorry, I don't have a better solution right now!
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