Today's NY Sun puzzle
  • Black Ink dies on startup with the NY Sun puzzle for today (3/22). MacXword survives.

    I'm running Mac OS 10.4.9 on a G4 MacBook.

    Apart from that, the transition has been pretty smooth. The only other glitch was cosmetic: my preference for skipping to the next blank didn't work until I unset and reset the option.
  • Hi Ephraim - thankfully another user reported this earlier and I was able to make a quick fix. I'm currently putting together the finishing touches on what will probably be a 1.0.1 release tomorrow with this and a couple other little bugs fixed. If you want to be daring and take a sneak peek, please download the pre-release here:

    There are a couple problems like the once you describe with skipping to next blank. This can be pretty unreliable in 1.0 but I know why and I'm in the process of fixing it!


    PS The crashing bug had to do with the NY Sun puzzle being a 15x16 puzzle grid. Guess I hadn't tested that scenario :)
  • Thanks for the snappy work. 1.0.1b1 is OK with yesterday's NYSun puzzle, but I was a little surprised that it suggested installing 1.0 as a later version.
  • Thanks - glad it fixed the NY Sun problem. Yeah, I gotta figure out what's going on with the update thing ... there's a reason it's still "b1" :) Though hopefully finalized.

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