FS menu shell for developers?
  • Would it be possible to fork a branch of FS and make it into something where an AppleScripter could generate a standalone script runner?

    Would it be possible to have custom dialogs as well?

    I looked at both Smile and AS Studio, but neither really does what I need, and we know FaceSpan is no longer available, and I don't know C, so if it's possible...

    Or... maybe I can share with you my program plans; you might be interested in working on it? We can talk further in email in that case. :-)

  • Hi Walter - I don't typically fork branches of my products, as it just increases the complexity of maintaining the products.

    I am always open to feature suggestions and keep them in mind as I develop future updates. What do you have in mind for the standalone script runner? Is it something you can't achieve by writing a script that itself opens other scripts and uses the "run script" command?

  • Well, I want to be able to distribute a menu-based system without requiring people to go buy a separate product upon which my product depends. I could create it just for myself, but it would help so many people (including my broke self if I charge for it) that I really need to release it publicly. (It's a workflow management system.) And I'm stuck at the system's file formats because that is driven by the kind of UI it will have. It needs to be globally available, which means a menubar icon or a tiny floating palette with a tiny popdown menu (I don't want to steal much screen real estate from users). And it must know what is the frontmost app when it puts up its dialogs.
  • I see what you mean. I am afraid that this kind of "developer package" is probably not going to be a market I go into with FastScripts's technology.
  • Hmm. Maybe I'll have to go with a Dock menu, which I guess wouldn't take any screen real estate at all. It'll just be weird using the dock so much! Now the icon will take on greater importance, oy.
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