Reveal file in Script Shortcuts via AS
  • Can you use AppleScript to select a file in Script Shortcuts? (As if it was ⌘-clicked.)

    I'm looking to write scripts like Finder/reveal in fastscripts.applescript and AppleScript Editor/reveal in fastscripts.applescript.

  • Yes, the Finder has an AppleScript command specifically for revealing. You just need to find out what to do in your script to find the path and/or Finder alias for the item that you want to reveal. Here's a very simple example that reveals the root of your Mac's file system:

    tell application \"Finder\"
    reveal POSIX file \"/\"
    end tell
  • I meant reveal a script in the Script Shortcuts tab of FastScripts preferences, based on for example the path to the file.

    I couldn't find a way to do it using the AS dictionary of FastScripts (or any workarounds using UI scripting), but did I miss something?
  • I see what you mean. No, unfortunately this is not something that is currently scriptable in FastScripts itself.
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