Searching Flickr in MarsEdit 3.4 causes crash (Fixed beta release available)
  • Thanks to my crash reporter system I have discovered a few people are running into this already. I found the cause of the bug and will have it fixed in 3.4.1. Watch this space for a link to a 3.4.1 beta that fixes it ASAP for those of you who rely heavily on Flickr searching.
  • Update: I have a fix in place and will release 3.4.1 publicly as soon as possible. In the mean time you can download a beta pre-release of the 3.4.1 with the fix in place:

    If you run into any issues with this release please do chime in!

  • This is now released publicly as 3.4.1. App Store users can update directly if you want to get this fix before it is approved by Apple:

    Be sure to keep your Mac App Store copy of the app around too, so it continues to be automatically updated after Apple approves the release.
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