When I create a new Local Post, where does that reside?
  • Can it be stored on Dropbox? I'd like to be able to start a blog post on one computer and finish it on another. I do this a lot in other programs where I save the document into Dropbox. I looked all over and can't seem to find a separate file. Is it saved within the application itself and can I use the above technique in any way?
  • Daniel JalkutDaniel Jalkut
    Accepted Answer
    Supporting Dropbox officially is something I would like to support at some point.

    Currently MarsEdit doesn't have any official support for DropBox, but adding it is on my TODO list. Some customers have had good luck setting up syncing on their own. I think there are a few gotchas but a guide like this might help if you want to try it:



  • I would like to add my vote for DropBox support :)
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