Mountain Lion Support?
  • Just upgraded to Mountain Lion GM seed and tried launching MarsEdit and it immediately crashes. I realize that Mountain Lion isn't yet out and MarsEdit might not support ML yet but just wanted to check if this was the case or if this was a known issue which is curently being worked on?
  • Hi Fahim - yes, MarsEdit does tend to support Mountain Lion. I'm running it myself :) But obviously something is going on for you. I saw your tweet and crash report and will follow up with you privately.
  • Thanks Daniel :) As always, appreciate your very prompt response to issues!
  • Oh, It was my problem on that Mountain Lion GM.
    Thanks alot
    العلاج بالخلايا الجذعيه
  • Just upgraded to mountain lion also. MarsEdit seems to crash as I try to upload the post to my wordpress blog. Can you help me figure out what is going on? Thanks.
  • vdelpesce: Sorry for the delay in responding. It sounds possible you are running into a proxy-related issue with 10.8. Have you noticed other apps crashing as well, especially Safari? Let me know if it sounds like this is pertinent to the issues you are seeing:
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