How can i make Backup..
  • Hello, i'm korean customer. MarsEdit is useful program for me. Thank you.

    Two days ago i bought Macbook Pro Retina.
    Then i want move post data to Macbook Pro Retina. (form Macbook Pro13)

    I want make backup my post in local disk. my post data is saved on Local Drafts. (Not published)
    How can i make backup this?

    OS X version is Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Daniel JalkutDaniel Jalkut
    Accepted Answer
    Hi there - thanks for using MarsEdit. You can backup and restore the data MarsEdit uses on your Mac from the following directory:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit

    Note: If you are running on OS X Lion 10.7 or later, you can get to the "Library" folder by holding the option key while selecting Go -> Library from the Finder's menu bar.

  • Hello, Thank you reply.

    I followed your method.

    But i can't find that. (MarsEdit folder)
    Of course, i followed directory below.

    OS X Root(Home)/Library/Application Support/

    Where is it?
  • Daniel JalkutDaniel Jalkut
    Accepted Answer
  • Thank you again!! I resolved this issue.
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