MarsEdit can't create or edit Audio posts on Tumblr?
  • Let me guess: Tumblr's API either doesn't allow this or is too byzantine to try to support?

    (I'd be using 3rd party URLs for audio posts, not uploading audio to Tumblr.)
  • Daniel JalkutDaniel Jalkut
    Accepted Answer
    Hi - in this particular case the problem is more on me than anything about Tumblr's API :) I know, celebrate the uniqueness of the situation ;)

    What happened was when I first did Tumblr support for MarsEdit, it was clear the demand was strong for text editing, and the way that Tumblr supports audio and video in its API is a little different from everything else I support. So, I put it off, and it never ended up happening.

    So MarsEdit doesn't support Tumblr video or audio posts, but it is still something I hope to add support for at some point. Sorry for the annoyance in the meantime.

  • HA! Well, how about that.

    Well, Tumblr is starting to be more annoying than its worth for anything other than ephemeral posts (i.e. a multimedia Twitter, or how I guess most people use Facebook) so I'm moving this particular project to Statamic.

    Thanks for the reply!

    ps - a little thing popped up that said "Click accept or reject beside an answer" but when I clicked Accept it said "You don't have permission to do that." FYI.
  • Whoah, funky! Thanks for letting me know about the forum nuisance. I've been really happy with Vanilla (current forums sw) compared with what I used to use, but frankly I'm looking forward to upgrading yet again to something like the hot new Discourse when it's ready for mainstream use.
  • FWIW looks like this issue may be related to something goofy with multiple tabs possibly being open to my forums?

    I run into weird little quirks too like sometimes when I post a comment it doesn't "stick" until I post it twice :(
  • Are you still planning to support Tumblr Audio and Video posts?
  • Hi Justin - yes, I am still planning this support but unfortunately I don't have a specific plan for when it might happen.
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