Can't assign shortcuts with F keys.
  • I can't assign shortcuts with F keys unless I enter fn and the F key, but then fn is not part of the shortcut. Can shortcuts be assign without typing in the shortcut field?
  • Hi - the "fn" is never part of a shortcut per. It's a higher level thing that Apple uses to facilitate using some of the Function keys for two purposes. For those keys with special purposes you literally have to press e.g. fn-F4 to "mean" F4.

    Is your end goal to have it so that pressing e.g. fn-F4 runs a script? If so then you should literally type that while editing the shortcut. Then it will run the script whenever you press fn-F4. If your end goal is to have just F4 run the script, you'll have to invert the default behavior for Function Keys in System Preferences, Keyboard preferences. The checkbox "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys."
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