Wordpress blog posts converting to HTML. How do I stop this?
  • I'm tearing my hair out. I have the latest version of Mars Edit. Everything appears fine in the Preview, but as soon as I post a blog, the formatting is converted, the images are replaced with code and any hyperlinks are visible as URLs.

    For example, I wrote this:

    "This is a test.

    This is a test link.

    This is an image.


    Which posted as this

    "pThis is a test. /p
    pThis is a a href=mailto:myemail@me.comtest link/a./p
    pThis is an image. /p
    pimg style=float: left; title=fb.jpg src=http://www.website.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/fb2.jpg alt=Fb width=194 height=195 border=0 //p"

    What am I doing wrong?
  • Daniel JalkutDaniel Jalkut
    Accepted Answer
    Hi there - This looks like a well known server configuration problem that has become less and less common over the years. If it's the cause, your server administrator needs to update the libxml and php libraries on the server:


    Once the libraries are fixed on the server the bracket stripping problem should clear right up! In the event that your server administrators are not willing to fix the problem on their servers, you may be able to work around the problem by installing a special WordPress plugin designed to help with the problem:


  • That fixed it. Thanks very much for your help!
  • Great to hear!
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