Welcome FastScripts Users!
  • Thank you for visiting the new FastScripts discussion board. Feel free to post any questions or comments here as you explore the software.

    Daniel Jalkut
    Red Sweater Software
  • Thanks for this - I find forums the best way to get help and make suggestions. The key, of course, is that the author has to read them.
  • Thanks for stopping in! I'm hoping the forums will serve as a good suggestion/problem solving area and that the archive-quality of them will help everybody.

    I think you'll find I won't miss a beat with these forums, since I am setup for notifications on all new postings :)

  • Thanks for the forum, Daniel. Hopefully it will result in a FastScripts community that provides great feedback and ideas for future versions of an already great utility.

    NovaScotian, I am happy to say that since I first became a FastScripts user (about 2 years ago), Daniel has been very responsive to feedback and requests. :)

    -- Rob J
  • Welcome aboard, Rob! Always nice to "see" you ...
  • OK, I'm here. :-)
  • Hi Boodlums! Thanks for joining!
  • I made it. :)
  • Welcome, Ray!
  • Hi Daniel and al,

    "Is this seat taken?"

    This seems like a very interesting initiative, can't wait to see how it develops.
  • Welcome Michel! We haven't had many topics spring up yet, but it's nice to know there's a place when the need arises :)
  • FastScripts doesn't understand that a compiled AppleScript can be edited by the Script Editor, I assume because the Script Editor no longer "owns" it. Just the same, when I press option while selecting a compiled script in the FastScripts menu, couldn't FastScripts assume that the script could be opened by the editor and try anyway?
  • Hi NovaScotian - I'm going to open this as a new topic since there might be a little bit of back and forth discussing it. See the topic Open compiled scripts in Script Editor.

  • Daniel -- dude -- are you really in San Francisco as it says here? We should meet! I'm in Japantown. ^_^
  • Hey Boodlums - we should have! I lived in the Mission District for 9 years before moving ... last week! I will have to update my location info. Unfortunately, I'm about as far as you can get from SFO and still be in the US :) I'm sweltering in Somerville, MA...
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