Squarespace 6: how to set up Mars Edit 3.6.2 ?
  • hi,
    please help or please let me know which questions i should ask to Squarespace support team?
  • Hi bunko - unfortunately MarsEdit does not support Squarespace 6 because Squarespace does not provide an API, which is an interface for 3rd party apps to communicate with a service.

    You may want to let the Squarespace support team know that you are among the many people who would appreciate it if they provided an API for third party apps like MarsEdit to integrate with the service.

  • Hi Daniel
    Thanks for your reply.
    Sorry for the late reply, i thought i had set my panel to receive email notifications when I get a reply to my questions.

    Yes for sure, i'm emailing Squarespace right now about their not providing any API, which is absolutely unbelievable.

    PS: the problem with Squarespace is they sometimes think they're dealing with complete ignorants who have NEVER set up a website or a blog. Well, i've been and I still am using several platforms... Squarespace suits my needs for ONE website only.

    UPDATE: emailed Squarespace.
  • Hi again

    Reply from Squarespace: "We don't have any plans on integrating with MarsEdit at this time. I can forward this as a feature request to our developers for review".

    So all set now :-((((
  • Unfortunately I am not surprised by this response. It doesn't seem to be a priority for them. For what it's worth they still support MarsEdit for Squarespace 5, and it's still possible to sign up for 5 with a site, though they don't make it very obvious. If you're willing to use V5 I would ask them how you can downgrade.
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