MarsEdit - Keyboard Shortcuts for often used URL links?
  • Is it possible to assign shortcuts to regularly used URLs? I'd like to link to the same websites in a number of blog posts and it's a PITA to repeatedly copy & past the same URL into the link drop-down box. For instance I'd like just to be able to type 'cmd-S' to insert the link '' or 'cmd-B' for '' etc.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Alan - you could use the built in "Formatting Macros" to achieve this. For example, if you wanted to be able to easily insert a link to Apple:

    1. Select Format -> Customize...
    2. Name the macro something like "Apple Link"
    3. Give it a keyboard shortcut e.g. by pressing Ctrl-Cmd-A in the shortcut field.
    4. For the opening markup, use:

    <a href=''>Apple</a>

    5. For the closing markup just leave it blank.

    This is a simple example but you can also use placeholders e.g. to cause a macro like this to wrap around any selected text.
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