Image Quality Problem

    I've been using MarsEdit for almost two years and never had a problem until today.

    My blog is hosted by Blogger and so all photos are uploaded to Picasa Web Albums. The quality has always been preserved and great. However, in a post I published today, the images turned up in much poorer quality.

    I've tried reposting.. reuploading.. but it's always the same.

    As a test, I used an image that I published two months ago in a test post today. The one uploaded today was much poorer in quality compared to the one I uploaded two months ago.

    Do you know why this is??? I'm not sure if it's a problem with MarsEdit or with Picasa Web Albums..
  • An update for folks who stumble upon this thread - smallcrazy got in touch with me via email and we figured out that the issue here is based on a new setting for Picasa/Google+ photos, which causes images to be converted by default to a lower quality. Apparently the setting can be turned off in Google+ under "Photos" and the features that may cause this are labeled "Auto Awesome" and "Auto Enhance."
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