Flickr authentication
  • I've been having trouble connecting MarsEdit with Flickr. It used to work perfectly, but after setting up on a new machine, it just won't authorize. When I try, it says "connecting to Flickr" for a second or so, but nothing happens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled MarsEdit, but no luck. I know Flickr changed its appearance recently, but assumed it would work the same, despite the paint job. Any help would be appreciated. (I didn't find any recent threads about this, but apologize if I've overlooked it.)
  • Hi there - the problem is indeed due to something changed on Flickr. I'm working on an update to MarsEdit that should fix the problem, and if you'd like to try it out a bit early, I'd welcome your feedback about whether it solves the problem for you:
  • Good news, actually: it looks like Flickr has changed the behavior back to the way it was to accommodate apps like MarsEdit and keep things working. You can read more about the issue here if interested:
  • It's working perfectly again - phew! Thanks for the quick reply. :)
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