Code from media manger based on active filter
  • Instead of producing HTML code like this:

    <a href=\"\" title=\"View 'Røros kirke' on\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"Røros kirke\" border=\"0\" width=\"500\" height=\"331\" /></a>

    could it produce something like this:

    [![Røros kirke]( )]( \"View 'Røros kirke' on\")

    or this

    [![Røros kirke][38839434@N00-1259247807-medium]][38839434@N00-1259247807]

    [38839434@N00-1259247807-medium]: \"Røros kirke\"
    [38839434@N00-1259247807]: \"View 'Røros kirke' on\"

    when using Markdown? Or at least be able to edit the templates for the media manager.
  • Hi there - I'm definitely planning on adding the ability to edit the templates. The idea to be able to use placeholders that represent different values depending on the Flickr filter/selection is a great idea. I'll keep that in mind.
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