Custom Folder Appearance in Main Menu
  • Is it possible to have custom images for folders in the main FastScripts menu? I try to set the icons for particulate scripts to their end application - for instance, a script that searches the currently playing band in iTunes in will have a Sarafi icon, which helps me visually locate it quickly in a longish list of scripts. Here is my MarsEdit subfolder as an example:


    It would be great to have the same visual cues in the main menu using custom folder icons.

    Thanks. (Btw, Core Intuition is rad!) Cheers.
  • Forgot to mention - this request is, I think, related to
  • Thanks - it does seem exceedingly reasonable that FastScripts should be able to at least display a custom folder icon if one is set. I'll add that to my TODO list and unless I run into a reason that it seems unwise, it should happen in one of the near future updates.

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