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newbie's questions

edited January 2009 in General Discussion
Totally new to MarsEdit, got two questions:
1) In the list of blogs, it displays only 10, is there a way to display more? the reason I'm evaluating MarsEdit is, under TextMate it displays 20, too little for me to see my other posts.
2) How to mark a blog as Private so that it will not be displayed by




  • Hi wang - thanks for giving MarsEdit a try!

    1. In the weblog settings (double-click your weblog icon in MarsEdit), you'll find an option to set the number of posts to download. It's in the "General" pane near the bottom.

    2. When you're editing a post in MarsEdit, click the "Options" button in the toolbar to show a side panel. If you look near the bottom of that panel you'll see a "Post Status" item. If you change this from Published to Draft, it should make the post appear in your blog as a private draft that you can continue editing in MarsEdit or through the web interface.

  • Thanks for the reply, I was able to see more on the list of blogs, but as for the private, it seems different from what I'm looking for, has : public, protected by password and private flags for a blog, for the last one you have to login to be able to browse the blog, is this supported by MarsEdit? I know even TextMate does not have this feature, very handy to post some private data in this kind of blog.
  • Oh, I see what you mean. MarsEdit does not support this "private" status yet. This is something I will probably add at some point but I can't give a specific estimate right now. Sorry :(

  • that will be a cool feature, also the list of posts, might be nice to have something like this:
    Jan, 2009
    Feb, 2009
    when user click, it displays the posts within the month. I think quite a lot of number people uses blog to take notes or tips, and they come back to those post to make some modifications, if we can quickly locate, that will be very nice.
  • Good suggestion. I am contemplating adding more control with folders/groups/etc in the weblogs list. This might be something to consider as an option for that.
  • Daniel Jalkut said:
    Oh, I see what you mean. MarsEdit does not support this "private" status yet. This is something I will probably add at some point but I can't give a specific estimate right now. Sorry :(

    I would like to request this "Private" status ability be added.

    I like your program, but I do make a lot of posts for my own records that I want to keep private, and I'd rather not have to set up a separate blog to do them.

    It's been about a year since you said you might add this feature at some point, so I hope you have a better idea now about whether "some point" has some near term reality?

    Thanks for your response.

  • Hi jtg - thanks for bringing it back to the top of my mind. Alas, there is always so much I'm trying to work on, that many of the things I'm "planning" do inevitably take a long time to get done. I appreciate the reminder that the feature will be valued when I get a chance to do it, though.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    There's another feature I'd like to see eventually.

    That is the ability to set the publication date to something beyond the moment the post is sent online, as the wordpress editor allows.

    This can be for several reasons:

    One, I can write a post that I want to appear on a certain date, say, a Happy New Year post for Jan 1, 12:01 a.m. next year. More practically, say I have an online column, I can write a bunch of columns in one day, and set them all online keyed to come up once a day.

    Two, a past post, say something I originally wrote on September 2, 1997 in some online forum, or even in my personal journal, and I want to "backdate" that post to the original date I wrote it.

    Again I can do this with the wordpress editor, but to do it with your, it appears I have to upload it, and then go to the wordpress editor to reset the publication date/time.

    Not vital to the functioning of your program, but nice features if you can squeeze them in.

  • Hi jtg - good news! MarsEdit does have an "Edit Date" feature that is hiding in the "Post" menu in the menu bar.

    Before sending a post to the blog, select Post -> Edit Date and set it to whatever you like. Then send to weblog and it should reflect your choice (automatically scheduled if you choose a future date).

  • edited June 2010
    Thank you guys and gals for your ideas on this thread. I experienced more or less the same issue and I solved it because of your ideas here.
  • Hi Daniel. Do we have the Private Status option? Im new to this so if there is one available, can you point me to it? Thank you pokies
  • James - what system are you using for your blog on the sever? The available features vary from system to system, so I can clarify better if I know.

  • Daniel,
    What about adding Sound files to a Marsedit Blog?

    any information would be great
  • Hi Rob - I answered in the separate thread about this! Thanks.
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