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Use of FlexTime as stopwatch.

edited June 2009 in FlexTime

I think that FelxTime is a great app. But i am wondering if i can use it to track some activities but not as a reversal countdown but as a stopwatch. For example it would be very usefull for me if i start counting up the time (as a stopwatch) and at any given period of time i get an alarm or when i reach some duration. I think that the conceptual diference between counting down time or counting up is that with the first one you asume a finishing time, but with the second one you have some finishing time in mind (or not) but you could go longer or shorter if you feel that way at any given time.

The practical uses of this that came to my mind are for example, in fintness training, i start to count up time and every 1 minute i set an alarm, so i have 1 minute to do 1 series of an exercise, then 1 minute to rest and then again. Some days i would want to do 4 series and maybe other i would want to do 5 or even 6 but i dont know it before.

Other practical use is to use FlexTime as a stopwatch. Do some search on the internet and try to find a good stopwatch with a good design and user interface (as FelxTime have) for the Mac, i can not find any, thats why i would love to use FelxTime as a stopwatch too.

Excuse my for my English, i know it is not good, but i hope you could understand me.


Marcelo :)


  • Hi Marcelo - it won't function as a stopwatch the way you describe. But this seems like a good idea for a possible future update. I will keep these suggestions in mind as I consider changes to the application in the future.
  • Hello Daniel,

    Thank you very much for your answer. I would love to see that feature in FlexTime.


    Marcelo :)
  • Daniel,

    I'd like to see a stopwatch in FlexTime where I can add some notes and a project name and have it notify me when a period of time has elapsed. If I'm on a call with a client, I want to see reminders that 30 minutes and an hour have elapsed and then be able to export the information as a CSV. It would be great to keep multiple stopwatch entries for a project but that may be going too far from the essence of FlexTime.


  • Hi Damon - thanks for the additional scenario feedback. I think these are great use cases and a good argument for a stopwatch timer. I'm not sure when I'll have time to tackle new features in FlexTime but these are on my list!
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