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MobileMe syncing of FastScripts settings and scripts

edited October 2009 in FastScripts
I would like to use MobileMe iDisk to sync my scripts between systems, and to keep settings such as shortcut-bindings synced as well.

Currently, it's possible to sync scripts with iDisk, then have an alias in ~/Library/Scripts that points to the Scripts folder on iDisk. This works 90%, but I noticed that the Scripts folder doesn't get listed under the "Open Scripts Folder" menu.


  • Thanks - I will file this as a bug. It must be throwing off FastScripts to discover that the Scripts folder is not actually a folder, but an alias.
  • I just ran into this myself. Would like to move all my scripts into a folder in Dropbox, but FastScripts doesn't seem to recognize symlinks to those folders. I tried linking individual script files but that didn't work either.

    For now I'm just using the standard Scripts menu for these, but it would be great if they worked in FastScripts as well.
  • Jack - it's a known issue that FastScripts doesn't recognize *symlinks*, but that should be separate from this issue. In general FastScripts should work with *aliases*, just not with symlinks. (There is a distinction in how they are implemented and the symlinks confuse FastScripts, but aliases shouldn't).
  • Well that's even easier. Replaced the symlinks with Aliases and it now works perfectly, thanks!
  • Great to hear!
  • Seems like relocating that way (having FastScripts work with aliases) slows it WAY down.
    Is this unavoidable?
  • This isn't a FastScripts bug, but a question related to syncing scripts with Dropbox.

    If I want to do the method you guys are describing (locating my scripts within my Dropbox folder, then "aliasing" it in my ~Library folder, how do I prevent scripts saved as apps from getting hosed? I have some apps which when synced thru Dropbox get corrupted, to where my Mac(s) think they are now Classic applications.

    I know this is probably related to Dropbox's non-support of resource forks. What I want to know is, how to work around it. Would saving apps as app bundles fix this?
  • The aliases shouldn't slow down FastScripts in any perceivable way. If you are seeing a slowdown, please try to figure out whether there is some way to explain the slowdown. Is it possible that the original is on another volume, or an network-mounted drive?

    As far as the Dropbox syncing, I don't know what you're describing exactly. FastScripts doesn't alter the scripts that you run with it. Is this a situation where the mere syncing with Dropbox wreckes the app? I'm not sure I have any workaround to suggest. Maybe other forum readers will have ideas.
  • Glad I found this discussion. I've been successfully syncing scripts using Dropbox, thanks to aliases instead of symlinks. Unfortunately it appears that there is no easy way to sync preferences, though. I've tried aliasing and symlinking the preferences file but it gets overwritten by FastScripts. Any ideas how to make this work, or if it's even possible?
  • I'm not sure about the preference syncing. However, FastScripts uses a completely standard mechanism for reading/writing preferences, so the solution should be the same as syncing any other typical Mac application's preferences. So you should be able to Google broadly for clues form other Dropbox users about syncing prefs files in general, to see if it's possible.
  • Yes, it appears to be a standard behavior, but one that only recently came to my attention (FastScripts being the first of app that I'd like to sync completely). Thanks!
  • I would be curious to learn if you discover any solutions for syncing app preferences on Dropbox in general. It seems like some apps might be motivated to move their preferences to private formats in "Application Support" if only to make it more likely they can be synced.
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