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Clarion crashing in OSX 10.5.8 ?

edited May 2010 in Clarion
Hi Daniel,

I think this is a great little piece of useful software :cool:

But when I try to 'Edit quiz settings' the program quits unexpectedly. Any ideas? I would love to try quizzes in keys other than C!

Thanks, John


  • Thanks for reporting this. I'm not seeing the issue on my 10.6.3 dev machine, I can try later on my 10.5 test machine.

    Can you tell me, does it crash immediately when you select that? Can you look and see whether there is a crash log?

    [Home] -> Library -> Logs -> CrashReporter

    Look for something starting with "Clarion" or "". Thanks!

  • thanks for the quick response!

    It does crash pretty much immediately after selecting. There's about a second's pause, then 'unexpectedly quit'.
    I sent my crash log via forum email. Not sure if I can attach a file, so it's just in the body of the email.
  • Thanks for sending that, it offers a lot of good clues. Namely, it indicates the crash is happening at least partly because of an interaction with some hardware you probably have attached, a "Novation B-Station"?

    Clarion builds a list of the attached synthesizers, and it seems like for some reason this device is throwing it for a loop.

    I don't know if it would be easy to try unplugging that synth as a test, and see if it fixes the crash? I can look further into whether the crash is because of Clarion or because of their CoreAudio driver.

  • Hmm. That is actually a VST software synth.

    I found that if I go into the library [HD] -->Library --> Audio --> Plug-Ins --> Components, and trash the two components associated with the synth (BassStation.component and BassStationStereo.component), the 'edit quizzes' pulls right up.

    Is there any other workaround you could think of besides having to remove those?
  • BTW that is the only thing VST plug-in that I've got on my computer. I wonder if it would crash with other VST Plug-ins?
  • Nothing I can think of - the fact that they are software synths means I might be able to more easily test with them. By any chance do you know if there are demo versions of them that I could install? I will google for it but I thought I would check in case you know.
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