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MarsEdit forces WP private pages out of the closet

edited June 2010 in MarsEdit
I just noticed that editing a WordPress page with MarsEdit forces that page to become a "public" page. WP has the concept of private pages documented at and a private page can be treated in various ways by a WP theme. Usually themes will prevent these pages from showing up in navigation bars and menus. When MarsEdit saves a page, this "private" flag is lost and the page lands in the navigation. Not good.

Also, this makes me wonder what other sort of hidden metadata is being eliminated or reset when I edit a page with WP. This may be a WP problem for all I know. Maybe WP does not share these settings in the first place? In any case, it is pretty much a showstopper for editing private pages.

Does anyone have a solution? Is the private flag the equivalent of a "server custom field name" for example? If so, maybe I can just define it in MarsEdit?


  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention! What a terrifying experience: I hope you didn't publicly reveal anything too compromising as a result of this.

    I will look into this ASAP to determine whether the issue is in MarsEdit or WP. MarsEdit doesn't currently support alterting the public/private status of a page, but that shouldn't cause WP to change the status back to public by default.

    I will update you here when I know more (hopefully within a day or two). Please feel free to write again here or in private email to if you want to check in about it at any time.

  • Thanks, Daniel.

    My workaround for the time being is to add some custom metadata to the pages. I've added a field called "navigation" and put that in the "Custom Fields" tab of the MarsEdit settings for this blog. Then I modified the theme so that it also avoids showing pages with "false" in this field on any navigation gadgets. This has the added benefit of being a setting I can now edit with MarsEdit.

    This has resolved my immediate problem, but fixing the deeper problem would still be a good idea!
  • Public/private support would be welcome, in my case for posts. Our company publishes privately for internal review. So with ME, I have to save the draft, and then go to the web interface to publish it privately, and later to make it public.
  • These comments are two years old -- what is the status on visibility support?
  • Hi amichaux - looks like I dropped the ball on this one. I am sorry to report that it's still possible using MarsEdit to edit a private page to cause the page to "go public." I'm going to reprioritize looking into this issue - I don't know why it fell through the cracks before.

    Separately from the issue of forcing a private post public, is the alluded-to support for changing public/private status of a post. I can't speculate about when that functionality will be available in MarsEdit. It's something I'd like to support at some point.
  • Well, better later than never: I'm working on support for Private and Pending posts in WordPress, for 3.5.7. You can try a beta release now if you are interested:

    This should leave private and pending posts in their existing status when editing them, and also allows you to change to and from those statuses to e.g. published.

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