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Great App!

edited March 2007 in FlexTime
Posted a mini-review with how I am using it here:

Been a boon today already. Very nice.

I am using an iSight along with EvoCam to record a timelapse my posture from the side. Maybe I'll try and do one of those snap-a-photo-without-me-in-it things and then when it sees me leave and come back, start/stop my routine automatically. LOL


  • Thanks for the write-up! That would be quite a hack if you could get FlexTime to start/stop as you leave or enter the room!
  • Yeah, but my gf is going to hate my mac talking to me every 30 mins. LOL.

    you should add a music browser to play music out of iTunes. That way people can choose soothing ocean files, or what not. Maybe even a little realtime clipper to choose a start/end point (ie just make a Quicktime alias movie pointing to the source and set in/out points)

    Might be better than making someone add a sound to their system alerts or writing a script.
  • Yeah I like the idea of choosing music from iTunes. Hopefully I can add a new "Action Type" called "Play Music" that will do something like that.
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