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Crosswordimporter hang

edited July 2010 in Black Ink
The crosswordimporter does not quit or get removed during an update so the old version can't be deleted even by logging out/in. Apparently a restart is required. Not good. I just force emptied it.


  • Thanks - so you're saying Black Ink failed to automatically update because the importer was still running? Sounds bad. I'll definitely look into this.
  • This is strange (and rings a bell, have we been down this road before?). I have not been able to reproduce the problem on my Mac. I wonder if it has to do with the size of your disk, or catching Spotlight at a particular moment when it's busy indexing.
  • edited July 2010
    Sorry to be late getting back. Yup, we've been down this road before. It is not that Black Ink won't update; it did that fine. What happens however is that the previous version of Black Ink ends up in the trash and then the trash cannot be emptied because the crosswordimporter is in use. Quitting the new version and restarting that doesn't change anything. Logging out and in again doesn't change it either. At that point I just rm-ed the earlier version because, of course, restarting BI will restart it from the copy in the new version's Contents/Library/Spotlight/ folder.

    Hardly a killer, Daniel; just a nuisance because as a guy who started with a Mac 512K, I habitually empty the trash to save space that no longer needs saving.
  • Thanks for the reminder and clarification. I remember now. OK, it's still on my TODO list from before, as it turns out :)
  • Aha, Daniel; This item of your TODO list is still pending I guess. Again had to force empty the trash.
  • Yes, I'm afraid it is still a TODO item.
  • Is it true Black Ink failed?
  • cameron4Rowe: Not sure I get your meaning.
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