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Wordpress 3.0 featured image



  • Just forgot to say that, other than this (the lack of featured image support) MarsEdit has been perfect. Thanks!
  • Thanks, the automatic featured image plugin sounds useful as a workaround when there's only one image. Glad to hear the app is working well for you in other regards!
  • As one who does not yet own MarsEdit, and was close to purchasing, I was glad to find this thread.

    Every post I do on my blog requires a Featured Image, so not much point in using/buying MarsEdit until this feature is implemented...

    Any news on this front?
  • Still waiting for some news... any news! September 2010 I made the first request. It's been quite a while.
  • Sorry, Robo, Jon. I am not able to guarantee any particular timeframe for fixes, or to offer any updates on the status of fixes.

    I know it's frustrating but please try to understand that I have a thousand different things always competing for my attention. The best I can do is just continue chipping away at the pile of requests and plans.

  • Another vote here for Featured Image. I manage multiple blogs for clients and would love for the featured image to upload automatically. It annoys me actually that WP can't figure that out and make it auto. It should more be an option to turn off than to have to do manually.
  • I looked into this a bit more recently and unfortunately, this is currently not possible to achieve from MarsEdit through the API that WordPress supplies. The good news is it looks like they are investigating support for this because they want to add the feature to their own iOS app. When they add support to the API I will be able to resume work on incorporating a feature for it into MarsEdit.
  • Thanks for checking, look forward to that feature!
  • Blogsy on the iPad has this feature built in now. It requires a customization on the website to make it work. I haven't tried it yet, but thought you might want to have a look at how they are doing this to make this work with MarsEdit. I use Blogsy very little and ME all the time so I'd love the same feature even if it took a little work on our end.
  • Thanks for the tip … I usually try to avoid anything that requires changes on the server, but if it's in anticipation of an official change from WordPress it sometimes makes sense to provide support early and let customers tweak the server before it's officially ready.
  • I've been following this and now two years later, any traction?
  • The one thing that forces me to open blogs' admin for a final edit. I hope they open this door up soon at WP.
  • Sorry folks, nothing available yet. Please take into consideration that although it's been years since the earliest request for this functionality, the server side still does not (as I last checked) officially support it. So the best I could so is support some kind of third-party tweak of the server, which is something I would usually prefer to not do.
  • I would like to ad +1 for featured image. I am trying the free version right now and will not pay for ME if this feature is not in it, because I use it a lot.
  • Thanks for the feedback, I definitely wouldn't expect you to pay for the app if it's not fulfilling your needs. Featured image is something I want to support but can't promise when it's going to be done.
  • Hi, just downloaded the trial.

    But I'm a little confused about how to format images (ie. float). Do I have to edit the HTML to do this? If so, then I may as well just write the post in the browser?

    Also would really like support for featured image. The whole point of using something like Mars Edit for me would be so I didn't have to go to the browser.

    Might have to wait and see if this is supported I guess.
  • Hi tootable - the image styling options in MarsEdit are fairly simple by default, expecting that most image styling will be performed by the server's theme file. MarsEdit's basic style presets e.g. "Align Left" and "Align Right" do use floats to achieve this, and you can open them up and customize the HTML in the style macro if you like. You can also add new, custom style macros. For each of these customizations you do have to write the HTML yourself, but you only have to do it once and afterward you can just select the item from the Style popup when inserting new items.

    MarsEdit doesn't yet support featured image, but it's on my TODO list.

    I appreciate the that with these shortcomings MarsEdit might not be the right tool for you.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the explanation about the style macros. That sounds good.

    However, I guess to have a featured image there is no way to avoid having to log in to the web version to set the featured image in wordpress.

    I'm mostly looking at Marsedit as a possible solution for clients who are a bit intimidated by logging in to the web version of wordpress.

  • As far as the featured image thing goes I think you are fairly limited to going in to the web interface, yes.

    However, I have heard of a plugin that will automatically set an image in your post to the featured image. This might work for some workflows if there is only one image, say, in the post, or it can be placed so it's the one that the plugin picks up:

  • Not to bring up Ecto again, but in Ecto you can use custom fields, and I just use "Image" to set the featured image. Is there anyway to include custom fields in MarsEdit? These can also apply to parent pages and many other useful things.
  • Hi - yes, MarsEdit supports custom fields. You can configure them for your blog in the blog's settings, under the Custom Fields tab. To open the blog settings in MarsEdit, open the Main Window, and find your blog in the list on the left side of the window. Double-click the blog icon to open the settings window.

    It's interesting to hear that the Image field can be used for that. What do you specify as the value, just the full URL to the image?
  • I just use the image url. But now that I think about it, this is a feature of my theme, which is a Woo Theme which uses a featured image, so I don't know if it would be universal.

    I see how to add the field but where do I supply the image url in the post?
  • comicsbeat: once you add the custom field in the blog's configuration, it should show up in the post editor below e.g. Title and Tags. Just enter the URL in that field and it should send it along with the post when you submit it.
  • Guys...
    If you're still having trouble with this, then just install this plugin: (this works, I've tried it) or this one: (have not tried).

    They automatically put the first image in the post as the featured image... ;)
  • Those plugins don't work. In fact, it's broken my site. So if there is a way to get setting the featured image in the MarsEdit program, please make it a priority. A ton of WordPress themes are using this method for setting thumbnails and is considered a standard. So please get this in the software ASAP please....
  • I'm really disappointed that WordPress doesn't provide access to the featured image via their API, and the plugins that have been linked so far in this post are not appropriate for my setup (I don't want to include the featured image in the actual post body).

    So I created a variation of the "Auto Post Thumbnail" plugin that sets the featured image based on some specific markup that you can include in your post. You can find it here:

    This is what I am using as my MarsEdit media markup template:

    <!--featured-image: #fileurl#-->

    Hopefully this is helpful for others!

    Incidentally, Daniel, it's possible to extend the WordPress XMLRPC API via plugins:

    Adding support through a MarsEdit-specific plugin for this sort of feature might be nice for users who are comfortable unlocking additional functionality by installing a plugin. Not a great option from a philosophical standpoint, but something to consider. :-)
  • Thanks for sharing this. Yeah, I have considered developing a plugin of some kind to enhance WordPress but at the end of the day it's just one more thing I probably don't have the time to invest for doing it properly. If I were to develop a plugin it would be better to probably propose the changes as permanent fixes in WordPress itself so I wouldn't have to ask customers to install a special plugin.
  • Hi Daniel.

    As a long time MarsEdit user, I would like to put my $0.02 worth in. I would love to see this as a feature. I recently redesigned my blog with a theme that relies heavily on featured images. Previously I was able to go into ME and publish directly from the app without every having to touch the backend of WordPress. Unfortunately, due to the upgrade, my workflow is back to being segmented between using ME to draft and proof my post and then uploading it as a draft and putting the final touches on it in wp-admin. As you might imagine, this is highly disruptive to my workflow and I'm losing productivity as a result.

    Of course, I don't expect you to stop what you're doing and add this feature in just because of some whiny blogger complaining about his disrupted workflow. I merely wanted to contribute my opinion to the discussion and say that you're doing a fine job with ME and to keep up the good work.
  • Thanks, I know it's a very desirable feature. I appreciate your acknowledgement that it would be useful to you as well!
  • Just to add my desire for this feature. Noting this; it seems like it might be possible to do via the api now.
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