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Moving MarsEdit to new computer

edited October 2010 in MarsEdit
If there is a forum topic or help note that I missed please just give me a link and I'll go help myself.

I've just got a new Mac and wondered how one would move all of the information (at least the local drafts) from the old machine to the new machine.


  • Hi Curtis - the most important folder to move over to the new Mac is:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit

    You probably also want to move over the preferences file:

    [Home] -> Library -> Preferences ->

    Hope this helps!

  • edited October 2010
    Worked perfectly thanks. I'll make one additional note for anyone reading this. After you move the files above you'll need to refresh each blog individually so you get a password prompt. They were stored in the keychain on the old machine so they didn't get transferred.

    I suppose this is a 'suggestion'. Have you thought of having an export feature that exported the whole thing into an archive that could be imported into a new installation of MarsEdit? Just figure that would streamline the process further.

    Have a good one.
  • Sounds like a good idea, for sure. Thanks for the tip about needing to refresh to get the password prompts.
  • I found this post after searching the same thing. Not sure if this is still on your "to-add" list, but if it is, then add a +1 from me.
  • Thanks luciano. It's on my list but sigh - the list is pretty big. Thanks for letting me know you ran into it as well.
  • Hi Daniel - After moving the above-noted files ME has located my local drafts, but no weblog information is loaded. There is a 28K Weblogs.plist file with all the details though (moved into the new location). Any thoughts on how I might 'force' this to load?
  • Hi notio - if there is a Weblogs.plist file it sounds like an "older" structure for the App Support folder, that is updated by MarsEdit once to a newer format (where you would find instead a "DataSources.plist". I think unfortunately that I store a flag about whether the update has occurred in preferences and not in the App Support folder itself. So if there's any chance you either didn't copy in the old preferences or there is a competing preferences file (e.g. if there are both App Store and direct-sale preferences files), try blasting those preference files before copying in the old preferences. Alternatively, just blast the prefs files and reopen MarsEdit and it should do the "update" of the app support data.

    Also, because of weirdness in Mac OS X 10.9, I think you may want to run from the Terminal:

    sudo killall cfprefsd

    To force any cached preference settings out before relaunching MarsEdit.

    Sorry about all the trouble. I should have flagged the update status in the app support folder itself.
  • No trouble at all; gotta figure this is an edge case.

    Hot tip on the sudo killall cfprefsd -- I bet that would have helped some weirdness in other apps I've been moving.

    I killed the prefs and ran the killall and ME did the import correctly, yea! Thanks for your quick response.

  • BTW, can't wait to pay you some money for a future upgrade. Been a while...
  • That's awesome - thanks for having a good attitude about it, and thanks for being itchy to pay me some money ;) Someday ... not super soon, but someday...

    The cfprefsd thing is sort of a nightmare on 10.9. I need to sit down and report a bug about that one but it's hard to get a firm grasp on exactly how to do so.
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