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Folder Creation Error When Selecting Create Scripts Folder

edited February 2011 in FastScripts
When I go to the FastScripts > Create Scripts folder option for any app, I get the following error in a dialog box.

*Folder Creation Error*

FastScripts could not create the Scripts folder in your user Library folder.

If I go into Finder, I have no problem manually creating the folder (which in turn shows up in the FastScripts menubar fine).

I do have this folder hosted on Dropbox, and based on what I read in another post, I created an alias, not a sym link, for my ~/Library/Scripts folder which points to my DropBox Scripts folder.

I am assuming this is somehow related to a permissions issue, or possibly my Dropbox setup, so any advice on how to fix this would be much appreciated.




  • Hi Ken - I was able to reproduce the issue by using an alias for my Scripts folder. I guess it's a bug related to the alias itself, nothing to do with Dropbox. I am adding it to the bugs list. In the meantime I'm afraid I don't have any workaround to suggest except what you've done, creating the folder manually in the Finder.
  • Got it. Thanks for the quick reply, Daniel. --Ken
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