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Nested WordPress categories

edited April 2011 in MarsEdit
Hey, Daniel. Any update on support for nested categories for WordPress?



  • Hi Ken - I'm sorry, I don't have any news to report. Generally speaking I don't speculate about when features or fixes will be implemented, because I don't want to disappoint when schedules change.

    I understand that it's still a much-desired enhancement.
  • I know you don't like to give out predictions of dates, but I hope this is still on a burner more toward the front than the back...
  • Hi - it's still on the list. Since most people don't have many redundant category names, it's not as high a priority as some other issues I'm working on. But I would definitely like to fix and support this as soon as possible.
  • This is just my annual check :) on whether this might be coming anytime soon. It's really a showstopper. If it helps, I'd like to purchase MarsEdit for 10 members of my team, but we work on many blogs with many "redundant" category names (they aren't really redundant, but they *are* duplicated), such as Homework Help > Assignments and Homework > Assignments.
  • Sorry for the slow progress on this as well. As you have probably noticed there are always tons of things vying for my attention and unfortunately this one hasn't become the top priority yet. Hope to be able to offer it someday, though.
  • Are you open to a bounty payment? And if so, what would it cost? :)
  • Haha! No, unfortunately, I have enough conflicts without opening it up to bounty payments :) Thanks for the encouragement though.
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