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Fastscripts doesn't export PYTHONPATH to child process

edited April 2011 in FastScripts
I was wondering if what is happening on my machine is the way it's supposed to work, because any directories that I have under PYTHONPATH doesn't show up in the sys.path list. Of course, it's easy enough to just append the directory myself in the script itself, but it takes away what PYTHONPATH was set up to do.


  • I think unfortunately this is expected, because these environment variables are passed down from one process to the next. FastScripts was launched either from the Finder, or from your "Login Items" when you log in, so it doesn't inherit the configurations you might be adding in your shell .login or ".rc" configuration files for example, where I imagine you're setting the PYTHONPATH.

    If you can find a way to set PYTHONPATH early enough in the computer's boot that it becomes an environment variable for e.g. the process that launches FastScripts, then that would probably work. Otherwise I think you'll be stuck with manually setting it (unless there's some Python configuration file that is guaranteed to be run before every Python invocation).

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