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Trying to make a photo as clickable link, and it won't work

Hi all,
I am highlighting a photo that I have inserted into my post in the edit window and trying to link it to, for example, a webpage. When I highlight/select the image in the post (as I am editing) and go to Format>link, link it, and then publish, the site has not been linked to the photo. This is NOT a link from html source, nor is it a link from an image. What I am trying to do is the same as selecting text, and making it a link....except I am trying to do it with a photo. And it's not working.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this just not supported? Seems pretty basic to be something that is not supported, and I would be very disappointed with my purchase if this is the case.
Please advise.


  • Hi - I'm sorry this is not working right. It is expected to work as you describe: if you select an image (and it shows up as selected), you should be able to add a link just as you can with text.

    I suspect that there is something unique about the content of your post that is exposing a bug in MarsEdit. Would it be possible to send me a copy of the HTML source for the post?

    1. Open the post in MarsEdit
    2. Select Post -> Edit HTML Text
    3. Select all the content, copy, and paste into an email to me
    4. You can then close the post window without saving

    This will give me a basis on which to try to exactly reproduce the problem you're seeing. In the mean time I am really sorry it's put a bump in the road for your blogging workflow.

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