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Image properties

edited July 2011 in General Discussion
Is there a way to easily edit the properties of an image without getting into the html editor mode? In particular I'd like to be able to make an image smaller/larger and change the hspace properties. Thanks.


  • Hi - unfortunately there is not currently a nice interface for setting these kinds of properties on images. The best workaround for a one-off fix is to switch to HTML mode. If you want to change the attributes in general that are used, you might find utility in adding a new "Media Macro" … in the media manager window, select the "Style" popup, and "Edit…" from the bottom of the list. Here you can define new HTML templates for how the media will be inserted into your posts.
  • Tip: consider using a text expansion software (such as TextExpander or Typinator) to make inserting the tags and information easier. Changed the way I worked.
  • I'm just now beginning to dig into the Media Macro functionality myself and I feel that if I invest a bit more time in it, I can solve many of my own 'incorrectly inserted' image issues going forward.

    I do want to second the request to be able to edit image properties - or at the very least - change the media macro settings for an image and have those changes reflected in the editor....I think that would help the workflow considerably when the creative juices are flowing and you go back and change things on the fly.

    Taphagreg - can you expand on what you are talking about? I feel I could probably benefit from what you are talking about, but an example would be a big help. Thanks.
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