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Font color change not sticking

edited August 2011 in MarsEdit
I pasted in blue-colored text from an email into a MarsEdit (WordPress) post. I tried to change it to black, which the rest of the post is, and even though it does change to black as soon as click the button to send it to the blog, it changes back to blue. Am I doing something wrong?




  • Hi Ken - if you switch to HTML Text and back to Rich Text mode, does the color still show up as black? I'm curious what the HTML text looks like when you switch to HTML mode. It seems like finding a very small example for me to reproduce this problem will be a good first step in fixing this.

    Also, you might want to consider using "Paste and Match Style" to paste the content in. By default MarsEdit tries to preserve the formatting (including colors, etc.) from the source. But I am starting to think this is a bad idea because of unwanted style preservation like this.
  • I converted the blue text to black, switched to HTML (the tag showed blue) then back to RTF and it was blue again.

    Yeah, I should have used "Paste and Match Style". I really wish that were the default for every app. I've actually changed Cmd-V with Keyboard Maestro for some apps to make do that. It's messed me up more than once otherwise.

  • Would it be possible to send me a copy of the HTML text just before switching back to Rich Text (where it turns blue again)? Thanks!
  • Thanks for sending the HTML. I was able to reproduce the bug and will try to get it fixed ASAP.
  • Interestingly, it only seems to be an issue when changing the color specifically to black. Other colors, including off-black, do seem to apply.
  • I'm getting this error, now, in 2014. Can't get my font color (black) choice to stay.
  • Can you tell me what the specific setup is to seeing the problem for you? I'm able to change text in a post in the rich text editor to black, even if it's previously set to some other color. Are you pasting in colored text as the orginal poster in this thread was describing?
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