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System scripts visibility

edited October 2011 in FastScripts
Feature request:
Would it be possible to add a preference item to hide System scripts, like in the AppleScript Editor Preferences?


  • Hi - it's not possible to change this through any kind of friendly UI in FastScripts. However, there is a "secret" preference you can set via the Terminal if you really want to hide the System scripts without deleting them from your Mac:

    If you are interested in customizing it, take a look at this page, near the very bottom:

    The idea for adding additional script folders also applies to removing script folders. Whatever the setting is for "ScriptTreePathsKey" value will be all the folders that FastScripts looks in when building the menu contents.

    I hope to provide a more friendly mechanism for hiding System scripts in the future.

  • Thanks for your quick reply!
    I didn't find a way to navigate to your provided help page above via the site's support page... maybe you should consider adding the link in it.
  • Yeah, it's a little obscured. I need to redesign that whole section of the site.
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