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FlexTime Sugs

edited April 2007 in FlexTime
Some Sugs:

- It would be great to have an option to leave a gap at the beginning or end of a given step. Currently, I have to insert a step called "Gap" between every other step so that the instructions of one step don't overwrite the bell from a previous one.

- Currently, if I'm playing back a routine and go forward or back between steps, the spoken commands and sounds all step on top of one another. Ideally, changing steps would cause that step's audio to stop.

- It would be nice to be able to scroll across a long step. Partiularly when writing the routines, I find myself just wanting to hear the ending of a step.

- Could be good to have an option to number the steps. If for instance you have a long routine, it can be helpful to see what step you're on, both when writing and when playing back.

- The Mac system sounds work, however for yoga/meditation it would be nice to include some options for deeper, longer sounds. Being able to simply insert your own sound FX would be nice too.

- "Export to iTunes" is a great feature. It would be great to be able to also include background music from iTunes. (I think iYoga does this, although it lacks other features.)

- Ditto images -- could be useful to insert stills and moving images.

- If the above happens, it would be really cool to be able to create a routine, with images or video, export it to iTunes as a Quicktime file, then watch it on your TV as a make-your-own yoga video. Lots of potential here!



  • one more sug i meant to add:

    - larger text boxes. i'm putting a good twenty seconds of instruction at the beginning of most steps... would be great to have a bigger box in which to type the info.

  • Very cool ideas, Brad. I am going to add them all to my list of things to consider for the next major upgrade.

    Regarding the sounds selection, I agree it would be great to choose an arbitrary sound, but in the mean time, keep in mind that you can pop a custom sound into your ~/Library/Sounds folder, and it will show up in FlexTime.
  • i did do that, however it seems there's a length limit on all system sounds, so my nice long bell got cut off after three seconds. :-)
  • Hmm- that doesn't sound right. What *will* happen is the sound will stop when a new activity starts. So if you want a really long sound, you have to play it at the beginning of an activity with lots of time to spare.
  • good to know.

    btw -- another sug, it would be cool if adding a new step inserted it after the currently selected step, instead of appending it to the end of the list.

    - b
  • Another good suggestion - thanks.
  • Image support would be very cool. I'm thinking the most obvious use for this would be for exercise (e.g. yoga poses.) Also would allow the user to incorporate their own powerful images to their activities (e.g. a calm image for "break time," a motivational image for "get to work!")

    I'm enjoying the program so far!
  • Thanks for chiming in! I haven't had a chance to update FlexTime much lately, but I hope to be able to put significant effort into enhancing it again in the future.
  • I would like to second the background music idea. For a work out in an iPod, having music would be a GREAT help. Thanks!
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