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MarsEdit erases blog and won't repost

Hi, I recently updated a blog in MarsEdit and I can not longer view that portion that I updated on my blog. What am I doing wrong. It was there and now it is not. Previous blogs to appear. I am on a Mac 10.6. and uploading to Blogger


  • Hi Will - I'm really sorry to hear this. I'm not sure I completely understand the situation though. After you updated the post from MarsEdit, the post completely disappeared from your Blogger blog? Or just a few paragraphs?

    Did MarsEdit give you any error message while you were posting? Is it possible you set the Post Status of the post to "Draft" in the process of publishing it, and it is only not visible on the site because of this?

    If you log in to the Blogger web admin interface for your blog, do you see the post listed there?

  • Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for responding. Let's see if I can answer your questions. The whole post disappeared, but I am not sure if it was there when I updated it only when after I updated it was not there. There was no error message. When I log into my Google account it said I did not have a blog. But it is there except what I was trying to update.
    I did notice that I was able to post a new blog, so I copied what was on the old blog (I still had it in MarsEdit) and pasted as a new entry and that worked. I did however, lose all my comments from readers (not that there were that many)
    I guess it was some weird glitch.
    Thanks, Will
  • Thanks for the extra information, Will. It's terrible that your post was deleted, and I really hope MarsEdit wasn't at fault.

    I have to say though from the sounds of things that it's likely the glitch occurred on Blogger's end. Especially since the post was still present in MarsEdit, this means that MarsEdit got confirmation from Blogger that the post was there. It sounds like some time after that a glitch must have caused Blogger to remove the post from your blog.

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