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Squarespace 6 blogs

edited July 2012 in MarsEdit
Hi there,

I was wondering whether anybody had set up a Squarespace 6 blog with manual settings. I tried the auto-detection method and it didn't seem to work, but I can't seem to find the API endpoint URL and blog ID the way folks have indicated (I think that info is elsewhere for Squarespace 6).

Any help?


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    Hi there - unfortunately Squarespace is not supporting 3rd party API access for Squarespace 6, yet. The good news is I have been in touch with them and they have been very enthusiastic about a desire to do it eventually. I guess they are facing some challenges relating to the flexibility of the new platform, and how to get it working again with an API like what MarsEdit uses.

    I'm sure it wouldn't hurt things to drop Squarespace support a line just to let them know you would be appreciative to have XMLPRC API support for Squarespace 6.

  • Sounds like a good idea - I'll do that. It's especially desirable to use MarsEdit since the post editor in Squarespace 6 is a shadow of what was in v5.

    Thanks for the answer!
  • I agree and have already sent Squarespace support a note. It's the only thing that's keeping me from switching to v6 for one of my sites. Can't live without MarsEdit.
  • The inability of use MarsEdit is actually preventing me from signing up for Squarespace. I have several blogs on a mix of (paying them to let my domain point to them) as well as a couple of goof-off ones on a web-hosting account at NameCheap.

    I'm sick enough of having to keep Wordpress updated myself on my web-hosting account and tired of the limitations of hosting, and I'm willing to pay for Squarespace, but I'm not taking 3 steps backwards and using some cruddy web-based editor.
  • Is SquareSpace 6 still not compatible with MarsEdit? I am not properly setting it up if it is supposed to work..
  • Any update here? Should we be making feature requests with Squarespace support?
  • Hi folks - yeah, if you are interested in MarsEdit support for Squarespace 6 you should definitely be asking them to support an API that would allow 3rd party clients such as MarsEdit. Key words to ask for would be "an XMLRPC API like Squarespace 5 supported."
  • Can the JSON API in Squarespace 6 be adapted to work with MarsEdit?
  • Hi tophermartini - from the description it's a read-only access to the content of a blog. So for example it would not be useful for adding new posts, editing existing posts, or uploading media to a Squarespace 6 site.
  • Thanks for the info Daniel, are there any workarounds you're aware of to author content for Squarespace 6 sites or is the XMLRPC API the only option?
  • As far as I know there are no workarounds apart from using the web interface to Squarespace or their own proprietary app for iOS. I haven't looked into trying to hack a solution apart from XMLRPC because it's hard enough to keep support for systems going when the systems are cooperative, unfortunately I can't keep up with a situation where I would be trying to hack something together with an uncooperative service.
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