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Mountain Lion

edited August 2012 in FastScripts
I'm preparing for the jump from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. Is FastScripts ready?

I think of the applications I automate only Safari is sandboxed.


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi vanity - FastScripts is working fine on Mountain Lion. I have noticed and reported some scripting issues unrelated to FastScripts, but FastScripts should behave the same as on 10.7.

    Keep in mind that scripting a sandboxed application is not usually an issue. The restrictions are on what a sandboxed application can do to control other apps. Because FastScripts is not sandboxed, it retains the power to perform automation tasks on your Mac without restriction.

    For what it's worth, Safari itself is not sandboxed, but the processes that display web content are. If you are interested to learn which apps on your system are sandboxed, you can look in Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor, there is a column at the far right that shows whether the app is running sandboxed or not.

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