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hypertext links

edited August 2012 in MarsEdit
I'm new to MarsEdit and am impressed with it. But one quick question: Is there a way to change the default on the hypertext link tool to have the link open in a new tab or do I have to manually add target="_blank" to each link's html code?



  • edited August 2012 Accepted Answer
    Hi Robert - unfortunately there is no option for this built-in to MarsEdit. It's on my TODO list to add in a future update but I can't estimate when that will happen.

    That said, you could add your own "Custom Macro" to achieve the same thing as MarsEdit's Add Link tool, but including the custom HTML to do the target="_blank" each time.

    1. Open a new post to get access to the "Format" menu.
    2. Select Format -> Customize… (bottom of the menu).
    3. Click the + button to make a new macro.
    4. Name it something like "Link in New Window"
    5. Enter for the opening markup:

    <a href="#askurl#" target="_blank">

    6. Enter for the closing markup:


    7. Give it a keyboard shortcut if you like.

    That should do the trick, I think.

  • Daniel:

    Thanks so much. It's exactly what I need.

  • Great to hear!
  • Daniel, my thanks as well. This is perfect.

  • Lee, that is great!
  • Was just about to mail you about this question but thought to google it first and found this page.

    Thanks Daniel.

    Would still be great if if was a standard checkbox in the add link dialog box though.
  • Yep, funnily enough another thread on this very topic just came up again. So you can imagine how nice it will be to finally get this in there at some point. Thanks for your patience everybody.
  • Hi, another vote here for the ability to have the link open in a new window! In the meantime I will try and see if I can do this alternative.
  • Actually that little tip worked great, that's all I need. I wasn't aware of that feature, how cool.
  • Glad that trick is helping for now!
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