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Why do we need MarsEdit ?

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I have been using WordPress for a while, and found it is not at all "user friendly" or "intuitive", but then I used a Web hotel (for a small fee 10 USD / year + domain name) which made it easier and they have also other options to publish on the net. I have also tried MarsEdit which is supposed to make it easier, but it is in fact adding in complexity.
So who is using MarsEdit ?


  • I'm not sure I understand your question. It sounds like you don't like MarsEdit, and you have found a better solution. If that is the case, then I strongly encourage you to use the better solution. I don't expect MarsEdit to be the perfect solution for all people.

    Another way of interpreting your question is that you're asking "please, tell me why I should use MarsEdit, because obviously lots of people use it, so there must be a reason." Maybe other folks who spot this question will be able to chime in with their favorite reasons for using the app. It's a bit hard to address your question without specific criteria to measure the app against other solutions.
  • I don't really understand either but the reason why I use MarsEdit and other tools is that I find using web editors horrible. It's easier for me to use a dedicated app like MarsEdit or some other tool.
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    Hello everyone. I have been using word press for 1 year now. I’m impressed by its effectiveness in internet blogging....

    hmm,WordPress web interface is getting better and better for the basics of editing in HTML or Rich Text modes, but there are distinct advantages to using a desktop client such as MarsEdit.

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  • The reason I use MarsEdit is that it allows me to draft my posts offline without the risk of losing it if there is a problem with my connection to the internet, or the host server has a problem. It's also allowed me to grab copies of my posts as I've moved from computer to computer, saving me having to transfer all that data from one to another.
  • When I had only a couple of websites I wasn't sure I needed w blogging editer, but now that I have a number of blogs (for my different university classes), Mars Edit offers me one place where I can see all of them and copy and paste from one to the other. I've also created keyboard shortcuts that are similar to those I use to format in Scrivener, so I can format H1-4, quotes, etc., with a single keystroke combination (and not have to use costly mouse movements. I also very much appreciate being able to drag images into posts without having to make additional mouse clicks. And I very much appreciate being able to find recent versions when suffering the occasional crash or mistaken application exit. So, I think such applications are worth the money when the keystrokes and mouse clicks start to add up.
  • I love MarsEdit. Sure there are improvements that might be made, but that is true of every piece of software. What I like most is the ability to write and layout offline, and then upload with a high degree of control. For those of us who travel frequently and do not have access to the internet at all times, it is great.
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