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More tag after 150 characters?

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
I'm back to using Wordpress and my Genesis child theme automatically shows blog excerpts on the home page of 150 characters. However, I'd like to use the tag for RSS purposes which include the image too instead of the standard Wordpress summary excerpts.

Is it possible to automatically set the more tag at 150 characters in MarsEdit?

I'm not even sure that would work with Wordpress? Basically, I want RSS readers to see an image and then post excerpt of 150 characters (like the homepage). However, if I set post excerpts to summary, it doesn't show the image in the feed, nor email subscription. I want the email subscription to show the entire post but the RSS readers to see the image and then 150 characters of wording. If you look at my homepage ( ) there's the main image, then 150 characters of wording before the 'continue reading' link.

Does that make sense?


  • Hi Lisa - I think I do understand what you're asking, that you'd like it if MarsEdit could just always "smartly" split the post up when you publish so the more tag is 150 characters in. But unfortunately MarsEdit does not have that capability currently. I think approaching this with some kind of plugin. Perhaps there is another one out there that does the trick more precisely the way you are hoping for?
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