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Filling in All in One SEO on WordPress

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
Is it possible to fill in the fields for All in One SEO plug in using MarsEdit? It would be great if I could do all the jobs I need to do in MarsEdit


  • Hi there - it should be possible using MarsEdit's custom fields, however people have historically had hit or miss experience getting it to work. Check out this thread here in the forums:

    The key to trying it is to set up is to open up the blog settings in MarsEdit and set up three field in the "Custom Fields" section: _aioseop_title, _aioseop_description, and _aioseop_keywords. You can give the fields whatever label you want to define how they show up in MarsEdit.

    Make sure you are running the very latest version of the AIOSEO plugin to improve the odds that it will work without issue. Let me know how it goes. If it doesn't work I may be able to help troubleshoot, or others here in the forums may have ideas for you.
  • Thanks Daniel, I gave that a try and it worked. I did go back into the post for a second time and what I had already put into those fields in Mars edit didn't show up. Not a problem though, I just need to remember to put in information for new posts. I did think that it would possibly remove the information I had just put in there, but it was okay.

    Thanks again for getting back to us so quickly with this, it makes me even happier to be a Marsedit user.
  • Great to hear that it's at least working for the case you care most about!
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