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Joomla 2.5 compatibility?

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
Unlike previous versions of Joomla! 2.5 seems to have a distinct lack of support for offline blogging solutions, which is one of the reasons I purchased Marsedit to hopfully get it to work with a native 2.5 installation. (E.G. regular content vrs components like EasyBlog)

Has anyone had any luck with getting Marsedit 3.5 to work with the native Joomla 2.5 CMS content? I've tried several plugins XMLRPC replacements, etc and nothing has worked for me thus far. I really need a solution and am willing to donate my time to working with anyone who is developing one. Or if you have gotten it working on your site please share how you did it and the steps involved, I'm sure many of us in the Joomla community will be very grateful if you do!


  • Hi there - I don't have any experience with Joomla myself but in the past other Joomla users have typically banded together here in the forums to help out. Hopefully some folks will see this and chime in!
  • I hope so! Sadly many of the options we had in 1.5 have not yet been ported to 2.5, for those of us who manage multiple sites or have novice content authors it's becoming a huge problem.
  • edited November 2012
    Finally figured most of it out after much trial and error- Hopefully these steps will work for others:

    1) Download and install the following packages:

    RSD 1.3 from:
    XMLRPC 1.7 (works on 2.5) from:

    (Note: download link is about 1/3 the way down the page, you have to agree to their terms of use to download.)

    2) Activate the XMLRPC and RSD Plugins from the Plugin manager. (Both install inactive)

    3) Go into the XMLRPC Component, Click the options icon in the upper right hand side of the screen, make sure that the first 3 options are set to on, and php debug is set to off and save the configuration.

    4) In Marsedit 3.5.x Create a new Blog using the following Settings, changing to your website's url:

    Blog Name - Enter a meaningful name for your site.
    Homepage URL:
    System Name: Other
    System API: MediaWeblog API
    API Endpoint URL:
    Blog ID: 0

    5) right click (2 fingers on trackpad/magic mouse) your blog on the main screen and set your superadmin credentials using the Enter Password... option from the pop up menu.

    6) Click refresh you should see your content now and be able to post new articles.

    Issues I'm still trying to figure out:

    Categories & Tags - Categories show up in the main screen view but the categories option in the editor is blank, there doesn't seem to be an east way to select them without going into Joomla's article manager.

    Tags do not seem to show at all. :-(

    While both of these issues are annoying this configuration does let me edit Joomla pages in richtext offline without all the annoying timeouts that I have with my cloudhosting service like I used to with BlogX. If anyone has a fix for these please post them! :-)
  • Thanks for sharing your successes so far! Hopefully this thread will serve as a place for filling in the gaps over time.
  • Were is the System API: MediaWeblog API ???? I don't have that option
  • Hi there - I think that must have been a typo. He undoubtedly meant "MetaWeblog API."
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