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Can "refresh" append to the local cache, instead of overwriting it?

edited December 2012 in MarsEdit
Heya, Daniel. In another thread, you said,

Generally speaking when you refresh, it overwrites the local "cache" of posts with the most recent posts from your blog.

Because of this, I have my (Tumblr) blog settings set to something silly like 200, instead of the recommended 10-30. This currently covers all my posts, but eventually I know I'm going to have to increase it to something even sillier. Is there any way that refreshing can append to the local cache instead of overwriting it? This is especially important because, since I can only use MarsEdit on my Mac, it's a near certainty that I'm going to be blogging using other platforms and clients and wanting to later make sure those posts are brought into MarsEdit. That way, I could keep the setting at 10 and not have to worry about the existing cache disappearing.

Thanks for your consideration,


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Nik - unfortunately it's an all or nothing kind of arrangement for now. In the future I'd like to offer the ability to accumulate local caches of posts but the app is not ready to do it in a way that would be reliable enough to support as a feature.
  • I appreciate the reply, Daniel. I'll keep using silly numbers for now. =)
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