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Cannot change Post Status to Draft

edited February 2013 in MarsEdit
I just opened up Marsedit for the first time in a while and after reconnecting to my blog (for some reason it had forgotten the blog existed), I noticed that I cannot change a post's status to Draft. This applies both to new posts that I create and to old (existing) posts.

In the post editing window, under Server Options, the dropdown for Post Status only shows/allows "Published".

This even applies to posts that are shown as "Draft Post" in the "Post Kind" column. When I open the posts, even those are showing as "Published" in the dropdown.

I'm not sure what has changed, as I used to be able to save posts as drafts on the server with no problem...

Thanks for any help you may have. :)



  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Ted - am I right to guess this is a Squarespace blog? There is a bug in MarsEdit 3.5.8 that causes this behavior for Squarespace blogs only. I have fixed the bug for the forthcoming 3.5.9 release but it's not public yet. If you want to try a beta release with the fix in place you can download it here:

    I'm sorry about this annoyance in the mean time.

  • Hey Daniel- Yes indeed, Squarespace. :) No worries at all- just glad to know it's a known bug w/ a fix on the way. Thanks so much!

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