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Can I use the browser bookmarklet with custom fields?

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit

I have a custom field setup that needs to contain URLs for linked list posts. Is there a way that I can use the bookmarklet to populate this particular field with the URL of a site I'm visiting? The bookmarklet is already capable of populating the title field with the title of the site being visited, I just need it to populate my custom field.

Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Jeff - unfortunately there are no hooks in there for populating the custom fields areas of a post. This would definitely be a nice enhancement and I'm adding it to my TODO list. Unfortunately I can't think of a workaround either, short of manually copying and pasting into the custom fields.
  • Awesome, thanks for the speedy reply. I'm a new MarsEdit user. I've probably downloaded, tried, and then uninstalled before the trial ran out half a dozen times. This last time I tried it, I decided to go ahead and buy it. I guess I just didn't realize how valuable it was back then. It's a pretty powerful tool. Thanks for your great support.
  • That is great to hear, Jeff. I hope it continues to impress you as you get more familiar with it.
  • I would be willing to pay a premium for you to enable the scripting engine of Mars Edit to hook the Custom Fields definitions setup for the blog.

    Is there at least a way to default the custom fields to some preset values? If you hook the custom fields, I'd help promote the sh%^&! out of your software and require every single one of my clients to buy a copy. As a developer, it is so frustrating to spend so much time on a websites UI and ease of use and come back a few months down the road and someone inevitably changed one of the custom field names in your custom post template and the entire site breaks! If you allow for me to script data entry into custom fields through the hooks you have for the normal fields, I'll sell many a copy of Mars Edit for you.
  • Hi K4TAY - thanks for the enthusiasm about the possible addition of this feature. Unfortunately I don't have any way to default the custom fields to any preset values. I can't promise any timeline for the fixes you're suggesting but they are on my list.
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