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Getting a "Can’t get recent posts for [Name] because the server reported an error...

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
When I try to refresh posts, I get "Get Recent Posts Error" that says "Can’t get recent posts for [Account Name] because the server reported an error: unexpected response code 404." I've never seen this before after years of use. Any suggestions? I'm using Squarespace 5.

***NEVER MIND*** I see you answered this problem already at

I tried your solution and it worked great right away. Thanks!


  • Hi Amy - sorry you had to deal with this hassle but very glad to see you found the solution and fixed things up already!
  • No need for you to be sorry, Daniel, as the problem clearly was caused by Squarespace and you were the one who provided the solution. Thank you!
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while, well, since squarespace messed things up! I thought I was having problems on my end… I’d given up and just started using their clunky utility to blog on my site. I would try my MarsEdit now and then and give up again… I should have came here a long time ago! Everything works perfect now!
    Thanks again!
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